Metalform Central & Sth HB SJ & SH Champs


Date Title Description Type File type File size
7 Jan 2023 Draws / Catalogue Sunday Class Lists / Catalogue PDF 447.67 kB
7 Jan 2023 SUNDAY Schedule update Due to the weather conditions the committee have opted to adjust tomorrows running order as per the new document. This does not affect the draws and Ring Three remains the same. Schedule PDF 401.77 kB
6 Jan 2023 Draws / Catalogue Saturday- UPDATED 6:30pm Class Lists / Catalogue PDF 495.67 kB
5 Jan 2023 Draws / Catalogue Friday- UPDATED 6:10pm Draws will be done day by day once the committee has confirmed the running order. Updated draws will be made avallable by 7pm each evening with any late entries added. Class Lists / Catalogue PDF 476.71 kB
5 Jan 2023 Stabling Layout Other PDF 425.69 kB
5 Jan 2023 UPDATED - Jumping Schedule SATURDAY JR now back in on Saturday Morning ** World Cup trot up 8:30am - World Cup Start time of 12:00pm ** 1.40m now last class of the day. ** Rings Two and Three will have a break while World Cup is on ** Start time 1:30pm as per schedule. ** Class 20 - now being run as A2 Art 238.2.1 ** Class 30 - now being run as 2 Phase Art Schedule PDF 418.09 kB
4 Jan 2023 Stabling and Yard Allocations Updated 9:20 am to include pipe yards moved and missed off original list. Other PDF 192.91 kB
2 Dec 2022 Central & Sthn Hawkes Bay Showjumping Schedule Schedule PDF 896.11 kB