NZ National Horse & Pony Show


Date Title Description Type File type File size
12 Jan 2020 RESULTS - Sunday In a convenient form to read. Results PDF 132.74 kB
11 Jan 2020 RESULTS - Friday and Saturday Results PDF 282.06 kB
9 Jan 2020 NZ National Horse & Pony Show 2020 CATALOGUE Printed catalogues had to be pre-paid with entry but you can view and download what you need with this online catalogue. Class Lists / Catalogue PDF 1.59 MB
8 Jan 2020 Stables 2020 Updated Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to shuffle a few people around. Please contact Tina on [email protected] or 0278249769 Please run all changes past Tina because if your stable is left dirty the person allocated the yard will be left with the fee. Other PDF 142.87 kB
7 Jan 2020 Rings Entry Points for all rings :) Other Unknown 44.50 kB
6 Jan 2020 Workouts Other PDF 181.70 kB
6 Jan 2020 Judges Our Head Steward Maxine has allocated the judges as of today and we are pleased to annouce this list. However if rings run overtime this may be subject to change. Other PDF 142.68 kB
6 Jan 2020 Backnumbers for Competitors Please make up your own as is standard practice for the showing sections. Number holders are usually available at most saddlery stores. Other PDF 147.45 kB
27 Nov 2019 NZ National Horse & Pony Show 2020 Schedule Updated 7 Jan - to include Cover and a few minor wording changes Updated 9 Dec - to exclude the Adult Riding Classes. Updated 4 Dec - to include additional conditions for Pleasure classes. (+398) Schedule PDF 1.13 MB