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2019 - CROP OF 2019 - 1 Aug 2019 to 31 July 2020 - TWO YEAR OLDS

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Horse/Pony H or P Reg Breed Colour Gender DOB Sire Dam Sire / Dam Breeder/s Sire Chk Dam Chk NZSHR #
Arian Black Pearl Pony WPCSNZ 3350 Black Mare 4 Nov 2019 Valrosa Silver Shadows Bluegables Black Bess Mahogany Black Ice Jaime Marurai NZSH10047
Awatea Dream Weaver PONY NZWB 54009NZ0370219 Bay & White Tobiano Mare 19 Nov 2019 PS Wind Weaver El Alpha Tydi Rose EL ALPHA REPLAY Awatea Farms NZSH10018
Awatea Pick N Mix HORSE - Dark Brown Roan Stallion 24 Nov 2019 Awatea Splashback Nestles UNKNOWN AT THIS STAGE Awatea Farms NZSH10023
Highbridge Shadow Hunter Horse 2566 Chestnut Pinto Gelding 7 Nov 2019 Darvel Supanova Waimanu Eclipse Touche Highbridge Sporthorses NZSH10044
Mercury LA Horse 2587 Bay Tabiano Gelding 12 Nov 2019 Ultimate Affair Abalone Pearl Magic man LA Sport Horses NZSH10034
SeaView Angel N Disguise Pony Bay/grey Mare 27 Oct 2019 SeaView Attilah SeaView Neveah Pure Clydesdale Keiasha Aplin-Howse
The Governor Of Awatea PONY NZ Welsh Grey - Buckskin Based Stallion 9 Dec 2019 El Alpha Replay Nanteos Autumn Elegant DALGANGLE POSEIDEN Awatea Farms NZSH10038
Watercolour Horse Brown Mare 24 Dec 2019 HR Khemosabi Dusty Maxine Olsen