🚛 Wheels at Wairarapa

10 - Best Kenworth

Wheels at Wairarapa
Start Date
5 Feb 2023
Entry Fee

Entry lists displayed below may be incomplete because it only contain entries entered online and/or uploaded by the event administrator.

Driver Vehicle Truck Make Model Year Owners
Adam Adam
Alex Burlings 2 Kenworth K108 2014 Burlings
Andre Burlings 3 Kenworth K200 2021 Burlings
Blake O'Neil MBT
Clay Lodge Rotorua Forest Haulage Kenworth K108E 2013 Rotorua Forest Haulage
Dave Cummins McCarthys Transport Kenworth K200 2020 McCarthy Transport
Dusty McCarthys Transport Kenworth K200 2020 McCarthy Transport
Glen Harrower MBT
Jamie Ellison Ellison Cartage
Jamie Ellison Ellison Cartage
Robin Wildbore Kenworth Kenworth K 100 E 1989 Robin Wildbore
Rorry Powell MBT
Shane Cassidy T19 Shannon Bulk Haulage Kenworth K200 2018 Shannon Bulk Haulage
Timo K&D Contractors Kenworth T409 2016 2
Troy Hayes Kieran Oliver contracting Daf Cf 2019 Kieran Oliver contracting
William Stephenson William Stephenson Kenworth K124 1980 William Stephenson