The Showing Day Out

2 - In-Hand Pony

Class Number
Start Date
15 Aug 2021
Start Time
09:00 am
Ring 2
All Prize Money
Entry Fee

Entry lists displayed below may be incomplete because it only contain entries entered online and/or uploaded by the event administrator.

Bk No Name Region Name Sire
0 Aleksandra Domanski MASTERTON Gentle Mist Willowvale Saafari
0 Augusta Hampton Wellington KS Starry Night Kolbeach Rembrandt
0 Charlie stewart - Cardonald Spring Fever -
0 Danielle Pene-Jillings - Pied Piper Midnight Luminere Pied Piper Major Look
0 Ella robinson Carterton Black Creek Willow -
0 Isabella Behrns Wairarapa Golden Windz Dominique -
0 Jacinda Mayo Crownthorpe Hastings Jennazelle Abigail Nilloh Gansermay
0 Jacinda Mayo Crownthorpe Hastings Jenazelle Magic Mike Willow Park Blue Magic
0 Joanne Hardy - Sunriver Cassidy -
0 Katy Payne Carterton Dragonbach Master Rielly -
0 Kendall Hamilton levin Pied Piper Top Shelf -
0 Millie Makiri Masterton Bluegables Black Bess Mahogany Black Ice
0 Rainbow Valley Upper Hutt Nanteos Great Expectations Punga Quo Vadis
0 Rainbow Valley Upper Hutt Rainbow Valley Little Miss Nanteos Autumn Grenadier
0 Rainbow Valley Upper Hutt RH Hummingbird -
0 Rainbow Valley Upper Hutt Springdale Bonnie Blue Nanteos Autumn Hosta
0 Rian Preston - Whistledown QT Crestwood Austin Powers
0 Tina Rundberg - Stoneleigh puzzle Adlou postie 424
0 paige miller Carterton Asti -