Taupo Christmas Classic 2018


Date Title Description Type File type File size
21 Dec 2018 FINAL RESULTS showing prize money for each class Prize money has been checked and paid out on this basis. Other PDF 177.68 kB
15 Dec 2018 Draws - first class in each ring Other PDF 88.25 kB
13 Dec 2018 RESULTS - Thursday, Friday & Saturday RESULTS - Thursday, Friday & Saturday Results PDF 159.72 kB
13 Dec 2018 DRAWS Friday These are the draws as of 13 Dec for Friday. Late entries in Ring 1 & 2 will go first; late entries & swaps in the other rings will go last. The first class in each ring is now closed ready for an 8:00 am start. Other PDF 117.43 kB
11 Dec 2018 Powered Site Allocations ONLY the first 12 on this list have been allocated powered sites. The rest (26 of you) are on a waiting list so please be prepared to supply your own power. If there is a scratching, we will contact the first person on the list. Other PDF 75.15 kB
3 Dec 2018 Newsletter #1 - 3 Dec 2018 Other PDF 1.01 MB
30 Oct 2018 Terms and Conditions for Trade and Food Court Other PDF 154.76 kB
30 Oct 2018 Step by Step Guide to Entering Online for TRADE and FOOD Other PDF 926.11 kB
30 Oct 2018 SCRATCHINGS AND CLASS SWAPS ONLINE Make sure we get your changes online and you will have a copy they have been submitted as well. Peace of mind. Other PDF 789.36 kB
18 Oct 2018 Trade - MAP Indication where the trade sites are to be allocated. Other Unknown 4.27 MB
9 Oct 2018 Taupo Christmas Classic 2018 Schedule It's time to celebrate! Revised 28 Oct to include offer of PUREPINE SHAVINGS with entry. Schedule PDF 467.12 kB