Glenuku Equine's Recycled Ribbon Day

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Rules and Rider Notices
1. 100% profits to NZ Breast Cancer Foundation. Pink is encouraged – on you, on your horse, on
your tack.
2. Red tagged helmets and sensible footwear are compulsory, and must be worn at all times when
mounted. Jackets and braiding is optional. Snaffle bits only.
3. Competitors compete at their own risk, and must supervise and control their animals at all times
and shall be liable for any hazards created or accident, illness or damage caused by the action of
themselves or their animals while at the venue.
4. Any abuse towards officials, volunteers, competitors, spectators and horses will not be tolerated
and instigators will be asked to leave the venue.
5. No stallions – no excuses, no exceptions. No Dogs – no excuses, no exceptions. Competitors
and anyone associated with a competitor found to have a dog with them will be eliminated and
asked to leave the venue.
6. Any protests must be made in writing within 30 minutes of the completion of the judging of the
specific class, signed by the protestor and delivered to the show secretary. The protester shall at
the time of making such protest, lodge the sum of $50 cash (no cheques) which shall be forfeited
to the organising committee should the protest be considered frivolous or vexatious. All protests
shall be determined by the organising committee whose decision shall be absolutely final.
7. Horses/ponies deemed by a judge, steward or Glenuku Equine official to be dangerous, unruly or
out of control will be asked to leave the ring.
8. No person is permitted in any judging ring without the express permission of the steward.
9. The judge’s decision will be final.
10. The organising committee reserves the right to amalgamate or split any classes or alter the
programme in the event that they deem this necessary.
11. Any rider injured in a fall or otherwise must present to a Glenuku Equine official for first aid
assessment before continuing to ride or compete.
12. We thank you in advance for picking up your poo and hay and putting it in the muck bins
provided, or taking it home with you.
13. Yards are charged by use – $10 – whether it be 5 mins or 5 hours.
14. Entry fees will not be refunded for this show in the spirit of fundraising.

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Sat 26 May 18
Entries close:
Saturday, May 26, 2018
Glenuku Equine's Recycled Ribbon Day

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