TEST DRIVE SHOW Online Entry - Australia


This event finished approximately 6 months ago


The Test Drive show has been set up to allow riders and secretaries alike to have a real time experience with online entry using Main-Events.com.

The categories in this show reflect the different templates built into the Just Equestrian desktop software. Each category is different and displays information specific to the disciplines. Shows have complete control over what to ask riders entering their show and how to display the draws, scores and results in the class lists online.

******** SPECIAL NOTICE *************************

This Test Drive Show has been re-set to match the entry template of the upcoming Australian Showjumping Championships in Sept 2017. This means that if you do a test entry of all horses and riders involved through this show now, the information in terms of the following will be in place ready for you to enter the ASJC. This will be a real time saver on the day.

Customer information - including address, email, phone & stabling or other notes
Horse Information - registration, TB?, hendra status etc.
Rider information - membership, rider email & mobile etc.

As this is a demo show, the actual classes and fees are NOT related to the ASJC at all !!!! Just pick any class for each horse you are entering - it is only a pretend show. It is just the customer, horse and rider info that is being saved for the next show.



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Wed 1 Nov 17 - Thu 2 Nov 17
Enter our pretend show - no obligation!
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Thursday, August 10, 2017
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017
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